Apple’s iPad almost sold out, reports says

Apple’s iPad almost sold out, reports saysOn 2nd of November, iPad Mini had been finally available in the market. Customers finally saw it on the shelves of the Apple Incorporated’s retail stores. The whole world has been waiting for that day!

Brooke Crothers from cNET News calls it as the “vanishing iPad.” Why? It is obvious. After a few hours retail stores were opened, iPad Mini seemed to be evaporating on the shelves for at least an hour. The new tablet device was sold quickly. “It was a quick obscurity,” Crothers wrote.

iPad Mini which weighs 312 grams surpassed the existence of iPad 4th generation which weighs 652 grams. Apparently, due to the extreme promotion and popularity of iPad Mini, iPad 4th generation has been ignored. People seemed to forget about the existence of the latter. Worse, even some retail stores did not know about it.

Crothers was able to interview a sales representative is a particular retail store in the United States. The said sales rep was very familiar with iPad Mini but when Crothers asked him about the iPad 4th Gen he was stumped.

iPad 4th Gen is the first tablet device manufactured by the Cupertino-based company which is installed with the A6 chip. Crothers compared it to a laptop processing prowess. Yet, he saw a problem. It nearly looks like iPad 3rd generation. The difference is about the Lighting connector.

Another update is the FaceTime feature on the front-facing came. It has become HD 720p video. It works with a broad range of carries that operates in the whole world. It is installed with the 4G LTE technology.

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